Attention Allergy Sufferers

Tired of sneezing and itchy, watery eyes?

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There are natural options to alleviate pesky allergies.

35,000 Americans suffer each year from allergies.

Nasaline is a gentle, easy-to-use, nasal irrigation device. Doctors recommend nasal irrigation to treat symptoms associated with colds, the flu, allergies, or sinus related infections. Nasaline can also clean and soothe nasal passages after prolonged exposure to dry, dusty, or smoky environments.


How to use:img-100909144127-0001

Simply fill the Nasaline syringe with 2-oz. of saline solution and experience drug-free relief from everyday nasal and sinus ailments. To prolong its life, we recommend that you do not scrub the plunger tip or use soap to clean it – just rinse it lightly with some water. Also, it is best to put the plunger back into the cylinder after use as this will keep the black plunger tip from swelling.

Who can use Nasaline?

Anyone between the ages of 5 and 95

Why use it?

It works; it’s safe and it’s natural.

Olbas is an all-natural aromatherapy or sinus and allergy sufferers.  Olbas will help you to breathe easier by enhancing your breathing passages.


Sandy Werner: “I don’t have as much congestion in the mornings anymore.  I love it!”

Symatha Hughes: “Thanks to Nasaline, I can breath better!  I have suffered from allergies my whole life and thought that I always would.  I am able to enjoy being outside now without the fear of not being able to sleep that night!  Nasaline works!  I recommend it to everyone.”


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