Abdominal Pain. . .Is Inflammation The Cause?

 Severe Abdominal Pain!

 laura franklin

“My life had completely stopped, I had constant pain in my abdomin, I had been to numerous doctors and was told that I would need to live with the pain.  I came to Cruz Chiropractic and with one laser treatment and my pain was 50% gone.  After 3 treatments I began feeling like myself again.  After 6 treatments I was playing with my grandkids and my pain was gone.”


-Laura Franklin


What is Inflammation?


Inflammation is your body’s response to stress- whether from your diet, lifestyle, or environment.  


One of the Main causes of Inflammation is stress. Constant physical , psychological or emotional stress raises cortisol level and creates inflammation in your body.

    • Stress:  Physical and Emotional
    • Repetative Motions 
    • Injury
    • Food Allergies or Food Sensitivities 
    • Environmental Toxicity from air, water, food pollutants and toxic metals; mercury all contribute to inflammation and is linked to disease and cancer.
    • Diet & Lifestyle : too much sugar, dehydration, sodas, caffine inactivity
    • Misalignment In the Spine can cause a piched nerve in your electrical system.

Laser Therapy & Inflammation:



Laser therapy is light speaking to cells which increases :


  • Immune System
  • Circulation is improved
  • Restoration of Normal Cell Function  


This in turns leads to:

  • Total Restoration Of Normal Cells
  • Elimination Of Symptoms
  • Reduced Pain
  • Enhances Healing Process

    Health Coaching: 


    Begins with an EIS (Electro Interstitial Scan). If inflammation is present this scan will show where it is present in the body.



    Chiropractic Care:


    Begins with a SMEG (Surface Eclectro Myoloram). This scan will show us how much inflammation is on the nervous system and how severe it is.




    Could Laser Therapy, Chiropractic Care, or Health Coaching help you?

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