3 Ways to Beat the Winter Blues


What can we do to beat the winter blues or SAD (Season Affective Disorder)?


Increasing our vitamin D levels is one of the best ways to beat the winter blues!


Why is Vitamin D so important?


According to a study by the Mayo clinic, 93% of school age children and adults were deficient in Vitamin D in 2007. Studies have shown that Vitamin D has a direct affect on our moods. Plus, another benefit of Vitamin D is it boosts our immune system.


What else can we do to beat the winter blues?


Eat more fish!

Cold water fish has two vitamins to help with winter blues-Vitamin D & Omegas. The best type to eat is salmon and sardines. The omegas in the fish are considered brain food and have been shown to help with depression and SAD.


What exactly is sad?


It is Seasonal Affective Disorder.


What are some of the symptoms?


  1. Depression
  2. Over sleeping yet waking up not refreshed
  3. Joint pain
  4. Over eating, especially carbs

untitledWhen you can’t get enough Vitamin D3 through foods and sunshine, you can take a Vitamin D3 supplement and beat the winter blues!

Come by our office to invest in this preventive supplement to ensure that you have a healthy & happy winter!

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